Sunday, June 7, 2020

9am morning, Mountain Standard Time (Arizona), USA

7pm evening, Moscow, Russia time

«Mistakes after the crisis: what people usually forget to do when they experience fear and uncertainty»
a webinar by Geshe Michael Roach & Dr Mirzakarim Norbekov
Host of the webinar

For over 25 years Michael Roach studied in one of the biggest Tibetan monasteries. He was the first westerner in 600 years to receive the title of Geshe (the highest degree in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy) from this ancient monastery


First American to earn the degree of Geshe—Master of Tibetan Buddhism
Teacher of world business and political leaders

Among the students of Michael Roach are the President of Argentina, world leaders, businessmen, celebrities and politicians. Michael Roach has consulted for such companies such as Xerox, British Airways, Verizon Telephone, the US Library of Congress, MIT Business School, and many other companies from Europe, China, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE and others
Michael Roach teaches more than 25 thousand people in 20 countries every year

Michael Roach adapted the 2500 year old ancient wisdom and knowledge about laws of karma into a set of clear and proven principles. Every year more than more than 25 thousand people all over the world improve and transform their businesses, relationships, and health
Books written by Michael Roach have been translated in 35 languages, with more than a million copies sold

Books by Michael Roach such as "The Diamond Cutter," "Karmic Management," "How Yoga Works," and "The 20 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Your Life (And How Not To)" have become bestsellers with more than a million copies sold in 35 languages, all over the world
Geshe Michael Roach describes a book written together with Dr Mirzakarim Norbekov
«20 mistakes ... »
Host of the webinar
which has granted millions of people the joy of healthy and happy life. The system of Academician Norbekov includes 18 patents and fundamental discoveries in psychophysiology


Author of an unique learning and healing method,
International Association of Independent Medical Experts

approved the System of Accelerated Learning of psychosomatic self-adjustment, developed by Academic Norbekov, as the most effective among the known alternative healing systems
More than 2,100,000 people have participated in courses of the Norbekov Center
They improved their health and gained a balanced attitude toward life. Norbekov system courses are held in more than 20 countries of the world (CIS, Baltic States, USA, Canada, Germany, England, Israel etc.)
The creator of World Master's Club, in which he has helped create 357 US dollar millionaires
The participants of Master's Club hold leading positions in many large and mid-sized businesses in Russia, CIS countries, and also abroad
When you join the webinar, you are going to learn:
1. That whose who do not pity themselves and work hard,
overcome their own fears, laziness and fatigue, and "conquer their mountain peaks" day after day, soon become the Personalities, Champions of their own life.
2. If you learn how to be open with people who share their knowledge with you,
your life will become much more joyful, and your undertakings will become more productive and successful.
3. To reveal the inner strength - without learning,
without creation, without sincere love is absolutely impossible. It's the basic law of the Path.
4. We need to give the other people the opportunity to talk,
because the most important messages the Universe is sending to us have to be delivered through other people.
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Sunday, June 7, 2020
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